FAQ for the exhibitor portal


All questions concerning registration will be answered here.

How can I register?
Your access data (username and password) were sent to you by e-mail. Enter these on the welcome page of the exhibitor and partner portal and click on the "Sign In" button.

I no longer have my access data.
No problem. Please contact your trade fair representative by e-mail or telephone.

I am an agency / trade fair constructor and would like to register.
We cannot share your client's access details with you for reasons of data protection.


All questions concerning vouchers will be answered here.

How can I order vouchers and advertising material?
Click on "Order" and then on "Add and edit campaign" and enter a campaign name. Then click on "Next". Under "Download List" you will find the vouchers in CSV format. Under "Printed" you will find the "Vouchers in printed format" and the advertising material (posters + stickers)
Select the vouchers and enter the desired quantity.
CSV vouchers can be downloaded and used immediately. Print vouchers and advertising material will be sent to you by post.

What types of voucher can I order?
You can order vouchers in the CSV format or in DL print format.
What can vouchers in CSV format be used for?
This format provides you with a table listing the voucher codes. This allows you to integrate the voucher codes in your invitations (digital or printed).
When and where can I see who has already redeemed vouchers?
As soon as a voucher is redeemed you can see your customer's details under the navigation item "Dashboard".
Where can I find my orders to date?
You will find an overview of your orders on the welcome page under the navigation item "Order".
Can I print out vouchers again and resend them?
Yes. In "Order" you can download all vouchers once again. Please use the export symbol.
Is it possible to print a different name onto the vouchers?
No, only the company name of the registration can appear on the vouchers. 

Can I have the vouchers sent to a different address?
For postal delivery you can enter a different delivery address under the navigation item "Delivery address".

Exhibitor passes

All questions concerning exhibitor passes will be answered here.

Why can't I access my exhibitor passes?
You have to settle your invoice before being able to order and access your exhibitor passes.

Why can't I order any additional exhibitor passes?
Before you can order additional exhibitor passes you first have to access your free passes. You have to settle your invoice before being able to order and access your exhibitor passes.

Why can't I access any exhibitor passes even though our invoice has already been settled?
There are various possible reasons for this. Please contact the project management.

How can I download exhibitor passes?
You can personalise the exhibitor passes (free, chargeable and the pass for the hygiene officer at the stand) under the navigation point "Exhibitor passes". To do so, click on "New exhibitor pass", select a "Product" and personalise the pass. Due to the COVID-19 regulations, each exhibitor pass must be issued to an employee of the company.

What is a hygiene officer?
According to the Bavarian COVID-19 regulations, a hygiene officer must be appointed at the stand. Please use the product "Exhibitor pass hygiene officer" under "New exhibitor pass".

Can I download my exhibitor passes a second time?
Yes. In "Exhibitor passes" you can download all passes once again. Please use the export symbol.

Do I need special passes for set-up and dismantling?
Yes, because of the COVID-19 regulations, additional work passes are required for set up and dismantling. You will find these well in advance of the fair on the fair website in the section downloads for exhibitors under the item work passes for set-up and dismantling.

I have lost my exhibitor passes. Where can I get a replacement?
Before the trade fair starts you can access all passes once again in "Exhibitor passes". You can also open these mobile and show them at the control.

Can I cancel my exhibitor pass order?
You can't do this yourself. Please contact the project management.

Where can I find my orders to date?
You will find an overview of the exhibitor passes you have ordered under the navigation "Exhibitor passes".  A detailed overview of all other orders (vouchers, advertising material) can be found under the navigation point "Order".

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